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08 April 2010 @ 07:12 pm
volunteers? :D?  
despa_ameblo is looking for two volunteers (or one with a lot of free time ;D)!

As some of you have heard, our translator of Karyu, if_sixwasnine, recently had to step down and breadtoaster (our translator for Tsukasa) is on indefinite hiatus due to an overload of work from school. iwasaki_momoko and I have been trying our best to keep up with the guys' posts but they recently started spamming again and we are just two university students busy with school, jobs and other required activities (like sleep ;D) so we're having a difficult time keeping up.

I know it's a bad time of year to ask for this, with many people having finals and such coming up, but I don't think we could go much longer without falling behind. What we need is:
→ One person to take over if_sixwasnine's job of translating Karyu's entries. This is a "permanent" position and will last until they either stop the blog or you yourself decide to leave.
→ One person to cover Tsukasa's entries until breadtoaster returns from her hiatus. This is a temporary position BUT I'm not sure when she will be coming back, which means this might end up being until summer break or continue on for a year or more.

You don't have to be a native speaker of English (though the closer to being fluent you are, the better) nor do you have to be fluent in Japanese.

Thanks for looking. :D
narugakaruganarugakaruga on April 9th, 2010 04:46 am (UTC)
I really wish I could help you guys D: I really appreciate what you do and I know you guys are totally swamped and you really deserve some help but I only have a little more than Japanese 1 skills DDDD:

Guess the point of this post is to say even though you guys are totally swamped I really appreciate what you are doing even if the translations aren't there the day of an update :D